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investment Start-up Investment

Technology is moving with fast pace and simplifying everyday's life. New innovative products are added in competitive market across the industries. Enterprenuers are being passionate to fulfill their dreams. Like to add my ample experience, network or Partner and helping them fundraising or right talent. My efforts are more focused on, how can I help the company to grow or scale since they are novice in market, along with investment.

mentor Mentor

One of my passion comes true by mentoring Entrepreneurs in his carrer or business in a dynamic environment.

Consulting Consulting

With deep expertise in business consulting, communication, marketing and technology, I develop cutting-edge plans for organizations and execute strategies, that fits with their budget and business goal. Our current focus is Startups and SMEs.
Happy to work with CEOs and top level executives by providing professional business advice to grow their business.




If you have sound business idea or product, interested to listen your speech. You can send me a sizzle in one sentence with idea value. Please download form and send me at Email ID along with your voice speech. After going through, I will revert back to you.


Business Proposal

Ask Tarak


May be you have a query about your project, business, technology or strategy. This normal conversation highlight the key focus points. Happy to meet personally.



Giselle foundation aimed at improving wellness of disadvantaged persons through promotion of better education, health and empowerment. They are raising funds for few projects valued of 2,62,000 USD for differnt running projects. Please browse for more information.

My Blog

My Blog

Spirituality to a person is to transform from inside out. It lies in being a good human.

Some Proven traditional. Some technological.
You choose how to drive it. Who drives it.


Startup can disrupt industry by keeping pace in innovation, pushes boundaries of what is possible.