How Your Startup Can Disrupt

Startups plays a vital role in current economy and helps a nation to grow. At some point of time, to cratea unique business idea is tough while executing a idea is ability of Entrepreneuer. Now every business is on that stage, where innnovation is essential. Startup has many challenges but if they execute properly at intial years, they can place their business at next level in few years. It's hard truth, Only 1 succeeds from 10 startups but if executed carefully, success is waiting.

Here, some advice for disrution.

1. IDEA:
To me, It's important, how your business idea is raised, whether its part of process or from your professional exerience or new innovative idea for product or service. Each scenerio helps you to decide, how long you can run your company, depends on your passion.

Who will benefit from your disruption? Focus on, are you solving industry, Competitor or Consumer's problem. Who can give you more value to stand out?

Entpreprenuer's identity, agressiveness and visibility on different platform affects to attract and retain customers, human rosource and investors. Your boldness defines on which category you belong "Distrupter" or 'Builder". Consequently, Startups that seek to “Disrupt” get more funding than those that seek to “Build". Both kind of entrepreneurs have different management style, body language and leading business capability.

Disrutive company have more energy, independence, inspiration and vision rather than startup builder company. Such Entrepreneur undersands how to balance risk and opportunity, associated with their decision.

Having technology's influence, disruption has become valued in every industry and day-to-day life.

If your business is Non-IT, do some research - which technology, technique and tools helps. Do some work at ground level, which technological process assists to solve un-solvable business idea to start and accelerate it. Now a days, Technology drives a business. If you understand properly, you can add value to your business, customer and employees.

If your startup is technology product, develop a best go-to-marketing strategy to be on top notch and business plan. Technology is moving with fast pace and best execution helps you to run and sustain. It's common of restriction of funding but innovative product attracts investors.

In each industry, previous business model exists. Evolve your customise model to win the time. Keep your business model as simple as possible. streamline your revenue model with business.

Its always advantageous to progress by phases for product launch, raising funds, unveiling strategies, hiring teams, and engaging partners.

It's more important, how your team is best. Success is proportional to the number and quality of people you can attract, train and retain. With your right team, end result is, fast growth, best customer experience, financial profit n scaling of business.

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